After the death of her father, Lila who's just a baby is adopted by an old couple living on “Louma”, the ogress island.
Ten years after Lila has become a very dynamic young girl. Maybe too dynamic: like Baba, her adoptive grandmother, her strong temper tends to put her in trouble, especially at school, a place she would avoid if she could.
Lila is way happier among the Loumies dancers, the protectors of the island's ancestral wisdom. She would like so much to believe the amazing stories Baba tells her every night about Louma's origins, as she knows nothing about her own origins... Then she fall asleep listening to Roumba, the baby ogre we hear crying from the bottom of the great cliff.

Goligo is a comic book published by Glénat editions.
First issue already out: « La grande chute » (« the great fall »)

Second issue out in 2015. © Glénat éditions.
© Gobi/ Glénat

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