Zblucops 7. "Turbo Justice" - Bande annonce

This is a trailer for french comic book "Zblu Cops" issue #7 : "Turbo Justice".
Story and drawings : Bill ans Gobi (Glénat publisher)

Trailer directed by Bill & Gobi.
Animation : Bill, Gobi, Fafah Togora, Balak, Fabien Mense.
Music : Julien Neel.
Singers : Balak, Elea, Guillaume Bianco.

© Catfish Deluxe 2010

Golden Fist of Apocalypse

Golden Fist of Apocalypse is a project of live performance build for the 37th "festival d'Angoulême".
The basis concept was to draw in public some rough poses and include them in a short "animated" movie.
Sorry, there's no english version yet.

© Catfish Deluxe 2010

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