More early concepts for Ankama’s videogame “Abraca” !

This time we show you the Minstrel Class, among other characters living in the Enchanted Forest…

You can also check out the Djinn Class, the Wolf Class, the Sorceress Class , the Beanstalk Class, the Prince Class and the Ogre Class !

Artworks by Gobi and Bill Otomo


Some Charcter designs from Animation Show ”Crisis Jung”.
Created by Jérémie Périn & Baptiste Gaubert, Directed By Jérémie Hoarau & Baptiste Gaubert, Produced by Bobbypills.


More early research on Ducktales ! Secondary characters this time. I ha a lot of fun playing with those Disney codes (very unusual for me) ! Ducktales is available on Disney XD. (All images are Disney TV property).

Part 1: Here.


Team Rampage ! (clear the way, fools)

Personnal research


The new Ducktales series has been released on Disney XD. Here are some early research I’ve done for the show. It was fun to play with such iconic characters !

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