fabien-mense: Team Rampage ! (clear the way, fools) Personnal research

fabien-mense: The new Ducktales series has been released on Disney XD. Here are some early research I’ve done for the show. It was fun to play with such iconic characters !

fabien-mense:Théodule and friends. Personnal research.

fabien-mense: Ankama games has released a new board game:  “75 Gnom’ Street”, I did the illustration/characters on it ! 75 Gnom’ Street is a fight for territory and information. Over the course of several rounds, players will try to control parts of the garden and steal their opponents’ loot! That’s a fun game and you can purchase it here in France, And there forUnited States.

gobi-baptiste-gaubert:The fist page of the 9 I did for french Magazine “Pandora”.Out the 21 of June.

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