Lou ! The Movie - Sidera

Travelling through universe in her spacewhale, Sidera, the mighty amazon, is searching for love. With the help of her loyal friends, Zeltar, Darkforce and Isabelle the Battlepony, she faces many dangers... But her most terrible enemy lurks in the depth of her heart... will Sidera be ready when the time to face her nemesis comes?

Sidera is a project developed for the french movie « Lou! Journal infime » by Julien Neel.

The purpose of those four animated sequences scattered throughout the movie is to materialize the inner world of Lou’s mother character. In the novel she’s writing, she tells the adventures of Sidera, her fantasy alter ego.

To achieve those sequences CATFISH DELUXE has been working very closely with the young franco-japanese studio YAPIKO, and some very talented french artists.

Script: Baptiste Gaubert (Gobi), Julien Neel
Graphic development, art direction, storyboards & animatics, supervision: Catfish Deluxe
2D Animation: Yapiko Animation
BG artist: Yann Le Gall
CG Animation: Max Maléo
Chief Compositing, 3D modeling, rigging and CG animation: Michel Pecqueur
Title Logo: Cédric Plaisant

Catfish Deluxe : Bill (Benoit Boucher), Gobi (Baptiste Gaubert), Fabien Mense / Yapiko Animation
© Julien Neel/Glénat/Move Movie/Mother Prod/Studio Canal

Catfish Deluxe • Bill, Gobi & Fabien Mense •

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Conception gaphique et développement : Thomas Lis & Tsuka