Zbluville’s Police station doesn’t know what ‘resting’ is. Despite the town’s spectacularly high crime rates, there are never enough Officers for the jobs at hand.

Whatevers! Officers Bill, Valentine and Tistouille have been recruited by Chief Hippopo to join the Zbluville Police Department because of their superior performance. Bill Playmo is a super mastermind investigator. Valentine was a top ranked student at the Police Academy and was formerly on duty in the dangerous town of Doomville. Tistouille…well, we don’t know much about him but he probably hides some incredible skills!

The results speak for themselves and the situation is …TEN TIMES WORSE!!! Unfortunately, a dangerous threat is growing in Zbluville…

‘Zblucops’ is a comic book published by Glénat in the Tchô comic book anthology magazine. 8 books are planned for publication.

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